UFO Hunter Has Evidence Of Mysterious ALIEN Buildings On The Moon!

The moon has been “conquered” by mankind the moment they stepped into it’s rocky white surface and raised the United States Flag. It has since been abandoned and NASA has ceased the lunar missions for decades.

But many conspiracy theorists believe that the moon was never abandoned and that NASA is hiding secret Lunar missions. Others believe that the reason humans haven’t been able to visit the moon anymore was because it was already ‘occupied’.

Many believe that the moon was colonized by extraterrestrial beings and that there’s evidence of alien structures on the surface of the moon.

Recently, strange objects were spotted on the moon that don’t fit with the rock terrain. These look like structures, with reflective sunlight shining on it’s surface just like metal.

People are starting to believe that the moon is either being mined by humans in secret lunar missions, or that there’s evidence of an alien civilization existing on the moon! Which is which?? Watch the following video to know more!


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