NASA Recorded Sound In Space. What You’re About To Hear Is Absolutely Chilling!

NASA Space Sounds: what happens when spacecraft are used to record radio emissions from planetary environments, which are then converted to sound waves. Some spacecraft have instruments capable of capturing radio emissions. What you’re hearing is the result of scientists’ conversion of these radio emissions to sound waves. Instruments on NASA’s Voyager, INJUN 1, ISEE […]

Could a black hole be blocking the light from that ‘alien megastructure’ star?

About 1480 light-years away from Earth, a star is doing something astronomers have never seen before. Every now and then, at random intervals, its light dips by as much as 22 percent. That’s way too much to be a planet. And the star (officially named KIC 8462852, but informally called “Tabby’s Star” or “Boyajian’s Star”) […]

This Gif of a Potato-Like Earth Has Confused the Internet for Years

It resurfaces every few months, paired with the explanation that the image is demonstrating what the Earth would look like without water. It will show up on a message board one day, then a few months later on a random website. It’s been posted on Reddit and Imgur, included in a Buzzfeed listicle, and it […]


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