Scientists once secretly created a human-chimpanzee hybrid, a highly respected evolutionary biologist claims

An evolutionary biologist who is highly respected has made the headline news following claims that scientists created a hybrid human-chimpanzee in secret.

Human-Chimpanzee Hybrid Was Born In Florida During 1920s

Gordon Gallup said that not only was it possible for a “humanzee” to exist, scientists had already gone ahead and done it, and a hybrid human-chimpanzee had been born. The researcher said that he was given this information by his former professor and that the experiment had taken place in a Florida facility during the 1920s that had been focusing on studying primates.

Gallup said that the hybrid human-chimpanzee had been created successfully through artificial insemination using the womb of a female chimpanzee that had carried the baby to term and then gone on to give birth to the “humanzee.” It was said that not long after the scientists in charge of the project had grave concerns about the implications of the project and they had chosen to euthanize the hybrid human-chimpanzee.

Chimpanzee Research Facility Denied Working On Hybrid

The story Gallup told did come second hand, but he did say that he had confidence that it was true and went on to say that the professor who told him had been a credible scientist. The primate center that was said to have undertaken the experiment was reached out to as it is still a working facility today, but they denied the story along with denying undertaking any work on the development of a hybrid human-chimpanzee.

It might be possible that the administrators of the facility do not have any idea about what took place almost one century ago as it would have been kept a secret. There is also the possibility that they not only know what went on a century ago but they have carried on experimenting with human-chimpanzee hybrids, and they may well have had continued success.

Claims Made During The 70s Of A Humanzee

The term “humanzee” sprung to life in the 1970s when a chimpanzee with the name of Oliver was revealed to the world. The chimp was bald, and he preferred to walk on his hind legs instead of on all fours. There were claims that Oliver was a human-chimpanzee hybrid but tests were made, and it was later established that the animal was just a bald chimpanzee.

More Reports Of Hybrid Human-Chimpanzees

In the 1920s it was said that Ilya Ivanov, a biologist from Russia, had tried to create a super-soldier for the Soviets by using the sperm from a human male and inserting it into female chimpanzees.

There was also a report that came out of China in 1967 that claimed a female primate was made pregnant with the sperm of a human and gave birth but the resulting hybrid baby died from neglect as the scientists in the lab had been forced to abandon the hybrid human-chimp project.

Gallup has long claimed that it is possible for humans to cross breed with not only chimpanzees but also other apes. He said that all evidence, fossil, biochemical and paleontological, including DNA, have suggested that it is possible for human beings to breed with orangutans and gorillas.


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