Scientists beliwve there could be alien life on venus

Alien hunters have been hopeful extraterrestrial life would be found on the Red Planet.Now Venus’ thick sulphuric-acid clouds have caught the attention of space enthusiasts as a possible hub of alien life.

Russian and U.S. scientists are working on a proposal to get a mission to the second planet, named Venera-D.

Finding aliens at high altitude in the atmosphere of a planet is not as far-fetched as microbes have been found at similar heights on Earth, researchers said.A member of the Venera-D science definition team, Sanjay Limaye, said: “It is a possibility we can’t overlook.”Life could thrive in the zone where the dark streak ultra violet clouds is found, space boffins explained.

VenusNORTHROP GRUMMANREVEALED: Artist’s vision of the Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform

“The only way to learn is to go there and sample the atmosphere”


The pressure is similar to Earth and the temperatures are 30C to 70C.

Limaye added: “I cannot say that there is microbial life in Venus’ clouds.

“But that doesn’t mean it’s not there either.

“The only way to learn is to go there and sample the atmosphere.”

Life on VenusESAPICTURED: Venus in ultraviolet light on the Venus Express mission

However, if the dark streaks are microbes they could have coated themselves in S8, molecules found on earlier missions, which would make them resistant to the acid.Russian planetary science has set its sights on Venus for a long time.An unmanned aerial vehicle will investigate whether there is out-of-this-world life if all goes to plan.

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