Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go to Bed Late, Leave a Mess Everywhere, and Use Swear Words

The topic of intelligence can be a sensitive one since it seems like there is little one can do to increase their general intelligence.

Yes, there seems to different kinds of intelligence (e.g. artistic, musical, spacial, computation, etc.), but when we speak of people being intelligent we are usually referring to the kind that means they can process and organize information faster, problem solve better, think deeper and more profoundly, and so on.

And despite what some may want to believe, having a high IQ correlates strongly with those qualities, of “being an intelligent person.”

Recent scientific studies suggest that intelligent people (those with higher IQs) express different features than your average person. And some of these may surprise you!

They Swear a Lot

What the f@ck?!

Mulitple studies, including this review paper at Yale, concluded that the use of swear words is highly correlated with having a rich vocabulary and articulation. I know, what about gangster rappers who cus every other word? Well, most rules have exceptions and that is one of them in this case.

“The finding goes against some prior research and much popular thinking that sees cursing as a defect,” the Washington Post explained“Researchers and authors have argued that people who curse a lot are lazy, have a more limited vocabulary, and lack education and self-control.”

They Are Night Owls

It appears that children that have an IQ of 125 and higher go to bed later than their peers, according to Psychology Today.

In Study Magazine, Satoshi Kanazawa, a psychologist at the London School Of Economics And Political Science, claims that higher IQ and staying up later are certainly related.

I wish I would have known all of this as a kid so I could have a reason to tell my parents why I liked to stay up so late!

They Like Controlled Chaos

Productive geniuses tend to have an affinity for chaos because it stimulates and activates them, and science backs this up. There are multiple theories behind this, not only that, a study by Kathleen Vohs of the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, discovered how a messy environment actually helps produce creativity.

Do you agree?


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