A.I. will be ‘billions of times’ smarter than humans and man needs to merge with it, expert says

Artificial intelligence could be “billions of times smarter” than humans and people may need to merge with computers to survive, a futurist told CNBC on Tuesday. Ian Pearson, a futurist at Futurizon, said there will need to be a link between AI and a human brain. Elon Musk said last year that humans must merge […]

NASA Has Just Confirmed Earth Has A New Moon

It turns out that our moon isn’t alone out there, orbiting our planet on its own. Earth has a companion in space which has been orbiting our world for over a century, and NASA has only recently spotted it.   According to new reports from NASA, there is a quasi-moon orbiting around Earth for almost a […]

MIT Just Created Living Plants That Glow Like A Lamp, And Could Grow Glowing Trees To Replace Streetlights

Roads of the future could be lit by glowing trees instead of streetlamps, thanks to a breakthrough in creating bioluminescent plants. Experts injected specialized nanoparticles into the leaves of a watercress plant, which caused it to give off a dim light for nearly four hours. This could solve lots of problems. The chemical involved, which […]

20 + Rare Photos Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things

Have you ever been sick of sitting in the same room every day, maybe as part of some routine? Try sitting in a different place in the room, perhaps in a corner you’ve never tried to sit in: it will change the entire mood and feeling of the room. Just the way people get sick […]

World’s First Robot Cemetery Opens In Russia

Artificial intelligence research has been going through a recent revolution and robots are becoming more like humans and emotionally involved with our lives, but we still haven’t develop procedures what to do with them when they’re no longer of any use. Do we dispose of them like garbage, or give them a dignified send off into eternity? A […]

Scientists once secretly created a human-chimpanzee hybrid, a highly respected evolutionary biologist claims

An evolutionary biologist who is highly respected has made the headline news following claims that scientists created a hybrid human-chimpanzee in secret. Human-Chimpanzee Hybrid Was Born In Florida During 1920s Gordon Gallup said that not only was it possible for a “humanzee” to exist, scientists had already gone ahead and done it, and a hybrid […]

Face of teenage girl from 9,000 years ago reconstructed

A team of researchers with the University of Athens and a Swedish archaeologist has reconstructed the face of a teenage girl from the Mesolithic period whose remains were found in a Greek cave. They have publicized their efforts by showcasing their work at the Acropolis Museum. The young girl’s remains were found in 1993 in Theopetra […]

Evidence to Prove Moon Landings Were Real Goes Completely Missing

Nearly fifty years after the first moon landing in 1969, many people still wonder if any of the Apollo landings actually happened at all. The Apollo astronauts who’ve since been asked about their expeditions have maintained the moon landings were legitimate. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell has spoken of his experiences in countless interviews and has always […]

Sex Robots To ‘Give Birth’ After Sex With Humans Using Genetic Engineering

AI expert, Dr. David Levy, explains how the information of genetics in cells can be manipulated. A new breed of AI ‘Sex Robots’ will soon be able to give birth using genetic engineering resulting in a new ‘hybrid species’ from skins cells. AI expert, Dr. David Levy, explains how the information of genetics in cells […]

AREA 51 UFO Whistleblower Bob Lazar Shows off his “Water Powered Car”

Bob Lazar is the man who opened up and spoke about the secret military base Area 51 decades ago. He said that he worked at the military facility that had top-level security clearance and he talked about classified military secrets along with secret technology and was ridiculed. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why […]


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