30 Mind-Bending Images of The Kailasa Temple

Ancient Kailasa Temple Exposed: 30 Mind-Bending Images of A Temple Carved Out of A Mountain This interesting temple was built out of one single rock. It is a magnificent structure and is without a doubt one of the biggest monolithic structures on this planet! It is a whopping 164 feet deep, 109 feet wide, and […]

Hidden Ancient Mayan ‘Megalopolis’ With 60,000 Structures Discovered in Guatemala Using Lasers

Archaeologists in Guatemala have uncovered an unprecedented network of 60,000 ancient Mayan features such as palaces and elevated highways, according to an exclusive report by National Geographic. The discovery is being called a “megalopolis,” and suggests that we’ve been vastly underestimating the sophistication of the Mayan civilization at the height of its power 1,200 years ago. Researchers owe the […]

Has AI Cracked The Code In The ‘World’s Most Mysterious Book’ The Voynich Manuscript?

Has the mysterious Voynich Manuscript finally been deciphered? Greg Kondrak, a specialist of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence of the University of Alberta (Canada), believes that he has found clues to solve the mystery of Voynich’s manuscript, written with an undecipherable code in the fifteenth century. The Voynich Manuscript is an ancient book, of unknown […]

Scientists: The cause of the death of the Aztecs was a typhus epidemic

A group of international scientists using DNA analysis decided to find out the cause of the death of the Aztecs. It turned out that the cause of the tragedy was the typhus epidemic. The research lasted a year, as it was necessary to collect the necessary materials from the remnants of people found during excavations. […]

Meet the megalith of Al-Naslaa—split in half with laser-like precision

Located at the Tamya Oasis in Saudi Arabia is a fascinating megalith called Al-Naslaa. It is perfectly split in half and has curious symbols portrayed on its surface. If that wasn’t enough, the two rocks split in half with laser-like precision have managed to remain standing for centuries, and are somehow perfectly balanced. The stones […]

The Sahara was ‘green’ for over 6,000 years and had 10 times more rain than now

According to a new study recently published in the journal Science Advances, evidence shows that humans occupied much of the Sahara during the ‘wet period’ around 8,000 years ago. Through an analysis of marine sediments, researchers at the University of Arizona have determined rainfall patterns in the Sahara over a period of 6,000 years obtaining […]

10 Of The Biggest Mistakes Ever Made In History

One look at the past and we will find that history is filled with many stumbling blocks. The path walked by our forefathers was not always smooth. They had their fair share of mistakes and blunders. Some of these blunders started as tiny mistakes, but with time they grew to be big enough to change […]


A series of once enormous structures, accompanied with a massive, flat topped pyramid, a pyramid made from multiple ton blocks, complete with a large, polished, sacrificial stone placed upon the top, was this stone once used for the sacrifice of fellow giants? Or was this stone a far more terrifying sight premise for our Ecuadorian […]

Ancient Civilization Evidence – Strange Old Maps – Mystery of a Lost Knowledge

I have devoted a specific page to Ancient Maps covering Antarctica, however, this is not the only area they cover. So what other parts of the world were mapped between 13,000 BCE and 4000 BCE ? We must remember when considering ancient maps that it is only relatively recently that we have discovered the theory of […]

Ancient texts reveal Jesus Christ was NOT Divine

The notion that Jesus Christ had several younger siblings has become widely accepted in recent years. According to James Tabor, a professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina (USA), a series of letters written by Jesus’ brothers shortly after his death would prove that the Christian messiah was not […]


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