Ancient Egypt: Two Mysterious 3,500-Year-Old Tombs Reveal Mummy And Vast Treasures In New Excavation

In the southern Egyptian city of Luxor, site of the ancient metropolis of Thebes, two new artifacts have been added to a place that is already crowded with mysteries of Egypt’s distant past. On Saturday, the country’s Ministry of Antiquities announced the excavation of two small tombs from about 1400 BC containing a trove of unexplained […]

The big ancient egyptian cover up: the secret site no one is allowed to visit

Located 5 miles away from the Giza Pyramids an ancient Egyptian site was carved 75ft into solid rock. Since 1964 no one has been allowed to visit this site. Tourists and even Archaeologists are not allowed to visit this place. What did the government find in this mysterious place?  Source

Australian Aboriginal Symbols Found On 12,000-12 months-Outdated Pillar In Turkey

12,000 12 months Outdated Mysterious Pillar Discovered With Aboriginal Symbols In Turkey Might Shake Historical past With Its Connection One of the vital puzzling archaeological websites is Gobekli Tepe, and now the thriller of the positioning has now deepened much more. Gobekli Tepe is a website that has archaeologists because of it being a 12,000-year-old […]

Tutankhamun’s daggers originated from outer space

Within the ancient wrappings of the sarcophagus which contained pharaoh Tutankhamen, two daggers were discovered. Encased in gold sheaths, they were placed there more than 3000 years prior, for the king’s protection within the afterlife. One had an iron blade and the other with a blade made of hardened gold. Yet both are not made from regular metals, amazingly, these […]

Mexican Caves Discover Engraved Artifacts With Puzzling Humanoid Beings and Spaceships

Mexican cave has exhibited strange artifacts with illustrations of mysterious beings with stretched heads and oval eyes and objects that are supposedly spaceships. The explorers that examined the Mexican cave say that these artifacts are one of the finest proofs of aliens on Earth. This cave is a part of three caves and its location […]


A series of once enormous structures, accompanied with a massive, flat topped pyramid, a pyramid made from multiple ton blocks, complete with a large, polished, sacrificial stone placed upon the top, was this stone once used for the sacrifice of fellow giants? Or was this stone a far more terrifying sight premise for our Ecuadorian […]

New Colossus of Rhodes to be built in Greece

A collective of European architects has proposed to build a 21st-century version of the Colossus of Rhodes, the ancient Greek statue erected on the island of Rhodes in the 3rd century B.C. The new statue would stand 500-feet tall and serve as a cultural center as well as a lighthouse. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient […]

The Russian Idol Three Times as Old as the Pyramids

An enigmatic wooden idol that has puzzled archaeologists since it was unearthed in a Siberian bog 125 years ago revealed a little more about itself last week. New carbon dating has indicated that the 9-foot-tall sculpture is much older than previously thought, though there are still no clues to decode its mysterious markings. The statue, […]

Archaeologist discovers ancient Egyptian boat in middle of desert

When Penn archaeologist Josef Wegner and colleagues first came across structures buried deep beneath the sand in the Egyptian city of Abydos, they anticipated finding more evidence of a pharaoh cemetery they discovered in 2014. Instead, in the middle of the desert, they found a vaulted building. “We thought it might be a good prospect […]

The macuahuitl was a sword with obsidian blades used mostly by the Aztecs

A macuahuitl, a type of macana, is a wooden sword with obsidian blades. The name is derived from the Nahuatl language. Its sides are embedded with prismatic blades traditionally made from obsidian, famous for producing an edge far sharper than even high-quality steel razor blades. It was a common weapon used by the Aztec military forces and other […]


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