Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir discovered in Denmark

It is one of the best well known mythological weapons we have heard of, Thor’s hammer, the protector weapon of Asgard, which helped prevent the destruction of the celestial city of Asgard against giants. The discovery was made in Denmark, at the island of Lolland, where archaeologists have successfully unearthed a 10th century “torshammere”, ending a long debate […]

5 ‘Alien’ skulls that science cannot explain

Nearly in every corner of the globe, someone has managed to find or excavate mysteries skulls that defy explanation. Whether these mysterious skulls are of human origin or not, is an ongoing debate among skeptics, researchers and those who firmly believe that the mysterious skulls, which do not resemble any human species, are in fact […]

30 Mind-Bending Images of The Kailasa Temple

Ancient Kailasa Temple Exposed: 30 Mind-Bending Images of A Temple Carved Out of A Mountain This interesting temple was built out of one single rock. It is a magnificent structure and is without a doubt one of the biggest monolithic structures on this planet! It is a whopping 164 feet deep, 109 feet wide, and […]

Hidden Ancient Mayan ‘Megalopolis’ With 60,000 Structures Discovered in Guatemala Using Lasers

Archaeologists in Guatemala have uncovered an unprecedented network of 60,000 ancient Mayan features such as palaces and elevated highways, according to an exclusive report by National Geographic. The discovery is being called a “megalopolis,” and suggests that we’ve been vastly underestimating the sophistication of the Mayan civilization at the height of its power 1,200 years ago. Researchers owe the […]

Has AI Cracked The Code In The ‘World’s Most Mysterious Book’ The Voynich Manuscript?

Has the mysterious Voynich Manuscript finally been deciphered? Greg Kondrak, a specialist of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence of the University of Alberta (Canada), believes that he has found clues to solve the mystery of Voynich’s manuscript, written with an undecipherable code in the fifteenth century. The Voynich Manuscript is an ancient book, of unknown […]

Scientists: The cause of the death of the Aztecs was a typhus epidemic

A group of international scientists using DNA analysis decided to find out the cause of the death of the Aztecs. It turned out that the cause of the tragedy was the typhus epidemic. The research lasted a year, as it was necessary to collect the necessary materials from the remnants of people found during excavations. […]

Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie

People could always use a reason to explore things they don’t normally think about. Recently, some articles circulated that talked about something referred to as “OOPArts”: an “out-of-place artifact,” which is basically a metal or stone item, an ancient artifact that is recovered in a very bizarre place. Usually OOPArts are dated to very old times, hundreds […]

This skeleton of 3.6 million years is the oldest and most complete human ancestor ever seen

Researchers have just discovered the most complete skeleton in the world of an ancient human ancestor. Achieving this achievement was not easy, it took them approximately 20 years. The recently found skeleton belongs to the genus Australopithecus, and is 3.67 million years old. But not only is it the oldest complete skeleton, it is also […]

Researchers in Mexico find the largest underwater archaeological site in the world

Rejoice archaeology, fans researchers in Mexico have discovered what is considered the largest underwater archaeological site on the planet. One of the lesser-known corners of the Mayan underworld has finally come to light. The most extensive system of flooded caves ever recorded has been discovered in Tulum, in the Mexican Riviera Maya. Some of the […]

The Scientific Proof That Jesus Was Crucified Just Got Way Stronger

Archaeological find indicates that everything we thought we knew about crucifixion is wrong. Crucifixion is a notorious form of execution and quite possibly one of the most excruciating and sadistic methods ever practiced by humanity. Today it is most commonly associated with Jesus Christ who is described as being executed in this manner in the […]


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