This skeleton of 3.6 million years is the oldest and most complete human ancestor ever seen

Researchers have just discovered the most complete skeleton in the world of an ancient human ancestor. Achieving this achievement was not easy, it took them approximately 20 years. The recently found skeleton belongs to the genus Australopithecus, and is 3.67 million years old. But not only is it the oldest complete skeleton, it is also […]

Researchers in Mexico find the largest underwater archaeological site in the world

Rejoice archaeology, fans researchers in Mexico have discovered what is considered the largest underwater archaeological site on the planet. One of the lesser-known corners of the Mayan underworld has finally come to light. The most extensive system of flooded caves ever recorded has been discovered in Tulum, in the Mexican Riviera Maya. Some of the […]

The Scientific Proof That Jesus Was Crucified Just Got Way Stronger

Archaeological find indicates that everything we thought we knew about crucifixion is wrong. Crucifixion is a notorious form of execution and quite possibly one of the most excruciating and sadistic methods ever practiced by humanity. Today it is most commonly associated with Jesus Christ who is described as being executed in this manner in the […]

Explorers Discover Real Noah’s Ark In Turkey

A team of explorers have found what they say is evidence of the existence of Noah’s Ark, hidden beneath volcanic debris on Mount Aratat in Turkey. A documentary team following the Noah’s Ark Ministries International team, say that researchers discovered pieces of wood that originate from a structure said to date back 4,800 years which […]

Secret Writing On Mummy Papyrus Revealed – Scan Technique Will Shed Light On Daily Life In Ancient Egypt

What secret messages and information could have been written thousands of years ago on scraps of ancient Egyptian papyrus? Hieroglyphics found on the walls of the tombs of the Pharaohs show how the rich and powerful wanted to be portrayed, but texts written on mummy papyrus may tell a completely different story. Light of different […]

A 20,000 Year Old “Transformer” Found in Kosovo

Recently, several posts about an alleged ancient artifact discovered in Kosovo blew up on the Internet. The info seems to originate from pages published in the Russian language, including one published on Russian social networking site Live Journal. It is alleged that researcher and photographer Ismet Smaili discovered an artifact in the mountains on Kosovo: some kind of unusual stone […]

Construction workers just accidentally discovered 30 perfectly preserved dinosaur eggs

The holidays are all about happy surprises, and paleontologists got one heck of a shock earlier this week after learning about an unexpected discovery in China. Chinese construction workers digging on Christmas day found a gift that was wrapped 130 million years ago in the form of 30 incredibly preserved dinosaur eggs. The discovery was made in […]

World’s oldest fossils show life began more than 3.5 billion years ago

The world’s oldest fossils — smaller than the human eye can see — appear to show life on Earth began in modern-day Australia, scientists have claimed. The 3.5 billion-year-old microscopic fossils were discovered in the Apex Chert deposit of Western Australia. Scientists first discovered the tiny fossils in 1982. Eager to analyze them, William Schopf, […]

Archaeological Discoveries That Are Way Too Controversial for Todays Scientists

Unexplained discoveries make it clear that our past was different than what some archaeologists want us to believe. There were prehistoric civilizations whose technological advancement is claimed to rival or surpass our own. Across the globe, nomadic peoples and primitive cultures seemed to experience advancements in sudden bursts. One theory is that these cultures were […]

The remains of a giant prehistoric penguin were discovered in New Zealand

Scientists have discovered a penguin bone in New Zealand, which lived 55-60 million years ago and is the largest known penguin. The fossil containing the remains of the bird was discovered about 10 years ago, but it was so big and heavy that the researchers studied it up to now. Measurements of the detected parts […]


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