Here’s What The World Will Look Like Once All The Ice Melted. Terrifying!

The ocean temperatures have steadily been increasing, this has given way to natural disasters like whales beaching themselves due to starvation, mother seals abandoning their offspring because they are starving, and corals bleaching due to rising water temperatures.   The biggest disaster to come of this is rising sea levels. This has caused some island nations to […]

Giant Humpback Whale Saves Diver From 15-Foot Tiger Shark [VIDEO]

A first of its kind video has recorded an incident where a 50,000-pound whale saved a marine biologist from a 15-foot tiger shark. Nan Hauser, 63, was on one of her expeditions with the team, when a shark came too close. Within seconds, the massive sea mammal pushed her to safety using its head and mouth […]

Universe Shouldn’t Exist, CERN Physicists Conclude

One of the great mysteries of modern physics is why antimatter did not destroy the universe at the beginning of time. To explain it, physicists suppose there must be some difference between matter and antimatter – apart from electric charge. Whatever that difference is, it’s not in their magnetism, it seems. Physicists at CERN in […]

Flat Earth Society leaves Twitter baffled after informing Elon Musk that Mars ‘has been observed to be round’

Elon Musk tweeted: ‘Why is there no Flat Mars Society?!’ this week. The Flat Earth Society replied ‘Unlike Earth, Mars has been observed to be round. ‘This response contradicts the logic believed by most flat-Earthers, that scientific observations of Earth’s spherical shape are fake or flawed. It’s a claim that enrages most scientists, and now Elon […]

Genius: Meet the 24-year-old Harvard graduate believed to be the next Einstein

At 23, most young professionals just graduated college and are looking toward the workforce or, if they’re an academic, toward graduate school. Life morphs into a quasi-adulthood filled with confusion and regularly dealing with real-world issues. And then there’s Sabrina Pasterski. Sabrine Gonzalez Pasterski hailing from Chicago, Illinois is being seen as the next Einstein […]

Gators Encased In Ice Survive By Sticking Their Noses Above Frozen Water At The Perfect Time

As winter rolls by, some areas are getting hit with colder-than-usual weather. Because of the dangerously low temperatures, it’s important for everyone to adapt — even animals. Luckily, alligators have a special instinctual skill that helps keep them alive. In the video below, we see some alligator residents of Shallotte River Swamp Park in North […]

Telepathy is real: How ‘wifi’ connects human brains and explains why people have ‘gut feelings’

Professor finds evidence of telepathy. A researcher based at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom has published a new book in which he claims that all human beings are capable of what is commonly understood of as telepathy. Professor Digby Tatum writes in his new book ‘Interbrain’ that language only plays a very […]

Explorers Discover Real Noah’s Ark In Turkey

A team of explorers have found what they say is evidence of the existence of Noah’s Ark, hidden beneath volcanic debris on Mount Aratat in Turkey. A documentary team following the Noah’s Ark Ministries International team, say that researchers discovered pieces of wood that originate from a structure said to date back 4,800 years which […]

52 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Bruce Lee

So rumor has it you know more about Bruce Lee than anyone you know, right? That’s one thing every Bruce Lee fanatic in the world is good at, it’s hunting down as much specific detail about the man they idolize and finding out as much about him as possible. But it doesn’t matter how much […]


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