A 20,000 Year Old “Transformer” Found in Kosovo

Recently, several posts about an alleged ancient artifact discovered in Kosovo blew up on the Internet.

The info seems to originate from pages published in the Russian language, including one published on Russian social networking site Live Journal.

It is alleged that researcher and photographer Ismet Smaili discovered an artifact in the mountains on Kosovo: some kind of unusual stone with a copper coil.


They say the coil of copper wires was placed inside the stone in a sophisticated way, with the stone appearing melted and molded into the shape needed to create a transformer.

An English translation of an article about it posted on Live Journal reads:

“Photographer and researcher Ismet Smiley discovered a mysterious artifact in the mountains on the territory of Kosovo. The object found is an unusual stone with an integrated electromagnetic coil. Studies have shown that the artifact is not less than 20,000 years old. The analysis of the stone caused confusion, because his data does not fit into the official history of human civilization.

The artifact reminds an ancient transformer. A copper coil is not simply inserted into a carved hole, but represents a single whole with a stone. This suggests that the stone was melted, and then gave it the right shape. The object is equipped not only with a coil with wires, but also with an insulator, and also with four symmetrical holes for wires.”


People’s reactions range from amazement to well thought out skepticism.

A couple comments on a Russian video about it translate to:

This is a high-voltage current transformer, such as TOL-10. What looks like a stone is an epoxy resin, In the center, a rectangular hole is seen – the primary winding of the tire.” – Артем Буланкин

“Transformer filled with compound. so they did until the 1990s. Compound is something like an e-box. Painted compounds in different colors and made different supplements. There are those that look like a stone. The mines and mines use the so-called barrel barrels. These are tanks for feeding under pressure into the formwork of cement-sand mortar. So for half a year of operation, the electronics block of this barrel – the engines and the box with the electrician are plastered with concrete. The barrel is taken to the scrap, and the transformer and engine are thrown out.” – Дмитрий Бойко

“I hope people did not behave, it clearly shows that even copper is not oxidized and metal plates are not rusted, there are zeros that are not 20 000 years old and 20 …” – Black KOT

Upon thinking about those skeptical comments, it seems quite probably fake. Few reliable sources about it exist, and the copper doesn’t look very rusted.

This is reminiscent of real things that exist, like the Baghdad Battery, but it seems a little too good to be true.


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