30 Mind-Bending Images of The Kailasa Temple

Ancient Kailasa Temple Exposed: 30 Mind-Bending Images of A Temple Carved Out of A Mountain

This interesting temple was built out of one single rock. It is a magnificent structure and is without a doubt one of the biggest monolithic structures on this planet!

It is a whopping 164 feet deep, 109 feet wide, and 98 feet high. As you may have noticed there are several ancient sites that show evidence of cultures spanning from the US to Asia and those civilizations obviously were much more advanced than we give them credit for. These civilizations were geniuses when it came to things like engineering and architecture.

The Kailasa temple is without a doubt one of those places. It is at the Ellora Caves in Maharashtra India and has been fascinating all who visit for years now. The detail to this temple itself is fascinating. The temple I am referring to is number 16 of 34 caves literally carved out of the rock surrounding them. How could something so amazing only be made from hammers, chisels, and picks? This is truly a site to see.


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