20 + Rare Photos Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things

Have you ever been sick of sitting in the same room every day, maybe as part of some routine? Try sitting in a different place in the room, perhaps in a corner you’ve never tried to sit in: it will change the entire mood and feeling of the room.

Just the way people get sick of sitting in one room, people get sick of everything. What is the cure? Finding a completely new perspective on how to look at things.

Here are 20 images that look completely different from how they actually are.

Miniature or giant? NASA claims this is a space shuttle leaving the atmosphere.

An apartment no one can afford? Nope, just the inside of a guitar.

In the Netherlands they lay dozens of bricks at a time.

Did you know a Tortoise skeleton looks like this?

Lily Pads need roots too!

From behind the stage, a theater might look like this.

This is supposed to be the blood vessels in a hand.

With no water around it, this is what a modern battleship looks like.

This is a Blue Whale’s blowhole!

This is what you looked like: a human embryo on the tip of a needle.

The top of Mt. Everest: doesn’t this prove the curvature of the Earth?

Pearls look like jawbreaker candy on the inside.

Inside the vault door of an actual modern bank.

Did you know artichokes are actually flowers?

After having a cornea transplant (that’s a real thing), your eye might look like this.

A mature hedge is very relatable: it’s dead inside too!

Ever wondered how these power line towers are installed?

The leaning tower of Pisa had to be empty.

In Beijing, this is the traffic control room.


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