NASA Scientists Find “Lost” Spacecraft Orbiting The Moon

NASA has managed to find a “lost” Indian spacecraft in orbit around the Moon using a novel technique that could be used to track spacecraft in the future. Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, used NASA’s Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex – also in California – to send a beam of […]

Mysterious ghost shark caught on video

In a rare serendipitous sighting, scientists captured videos of an eerie bluish grey shark swimming in Northern Hemisphere waters. The “ghost shark” captured on film is actually not a shark, but a chimaera – a relative that split off evolutionarily from its toothy cousins about 300 million years ago. These deep-water creatures are only known […]

Atmospheric rivers and the mass mortality of wild oysters: insight into an extreme future?

Climate change is predicted to increase the frequency and severity of extreme events. However, the biological consequences of extremes remain poorly resolved owing to their unpredictable nature and difficulty in quantifying their mechanisms and impacts. One key feature delivering precipitation extremes is an atmospheric river (AR), a long and narrow filament of enhanced water vapour […]

The Real Electric Frankenstein Experiments of the 1800s

On November 4, 1818, Scottish chemist Andrew Ure stood next to the lifeless corpse of an executed murderer, the man hanging by his neck at the gallows only minutes before. He was performing an anatomical research demonstration for a theater filled with curious students, anatomists, and doctors at the University of Glasgow. But this was […]

The Russian Idol Three Times as Old as the Pyramids

An enigmatic wooden idol that has puzzled archaeologists since it was unearthed in a Siberian bog 125 years ago revealed a little more about itself last week. New carbon dating has indicated that the 9-foot-tall sculpture is much older than previously thought, though there are still no clues to decode its mysterious markings. The statue, […]

Her Voice Will Take You to Other Dimension! This is “A Bombardment of On-Going Expression of Feelings”

I got inspiration after watching this amazing video, and after the sound of this street musicians i got inspiration to find and share with you a short peace of poetry. If you like the performance please like them on Facebook or visit their website  Music is freedom that relentlessly exists Freedom of speech Freedom of […]