Fukushima Radiation: Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over, Or Worse…

Radiation has been leaking out of the Fukushima power plant every day since the meltdown. TEPCO, the Japanese electricity company in charge of monitoring the plant, has admitted that radioactive material has been leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the defunct power plant for the past six years and that the problem is far from […]

Scientists Are Trying To Clone Jesus Christ From DNA [Video]

A billionaire-funded Christian organization is currently working to clone Jesus Christ after obtaining DNA from the Shroud of Turin and feel confident they will have a  Jesus clone in 2016. “The Jesus Has Returned Project is a private organization devoted to bringing about the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, as prophesied in the Bible,” […]

This skeleton of 3.6 million years is the oldest and most complete human ancestor ever seen

Researchers have just discovered the most complete skeleton in the world of an ancient human ancestor. Achieving this achievement was not easy, it took them approximately 20 years. The recently found skeleton belongs to the genus Australopithecus, and is 3.67 million years old. But not only is it the oldest complete skeleton, it is also […]

Rose Cross – Powerful Symbol That Existed Long Before Christianity !

The Rose Cross is a symbol widely associated with Rosicrucians and the semi-legendary Christian Rosenkreuz, Alchemist, Qabbalist and founder of the Rosicrucian Order. Left: Rose Cross, symbol of the heart chakra. Image via Journey with Omraam; Right: The rose in the Rosicrucian cross is a concentration of mystical meanings including that of unfolding Mind. Image […]

Harvard Scientists Found Monks With Superhuman Abilities On The Himalayas

Superhuman abilities are definitely something you are used seeing in science fiction movies yet nowhere near reality. However, if you do a little research you might realize that there are actually people on Earth who can do things beyond the imagination. Several ancient cultures have taught us of human beings with superhuman abilities visible through […]

Michigan meteor was 6 feet wide, exploded with power of 10 tons of TNT, NASA says

Tuesday night was about 6 feet in diameter when it exploded. It exploded in the air with the power of 10 tons of TNT, according to Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, the Associated Press reported. Scientists are now trying to determine where the meteor came from. Todd Slisher, executive director of Sloan Museum […]

Researchers in Mexico find the largest underwater archaeological site in the world

Rejoice archaeology, fans researchers in Mexico have discovered what is considered the largest underwater archaeological site on the planet. One of the lesser-known corners of the Mayan underworld has finally come to light. The most extensive system of flooded caves ever recorded has been discovered in Tulum, in the Mexican Riviera Maya. Some of the […]

Get ready, Earth’s moon is about to do something it hasn’t done in more than 150 years

On January 31st, when you look up in the sky, you’ll notice a moon unlike any other you’ve probably ever seen. Three celestial events that have not coincided in more than 150 years will affect the appearance of the next full moon on which will take place on January 31, an event which has been […]

A Scientist Injected Himself with 3.5 Million-Year-Old Bacteria Hoping to “Extend Life”

Notorious Russian Scientist Anatoli Brouchkov, has injected 3.5 million year-old bacteria in his body, believing that it is the elixir of everlasting life. Coming from the Siberian permafrost, this bacteria has strengthened him and improved his health and according to him it is very resistant to environmental factors. Allegedly, tests carried out on animals have surged […]

The Scientific Proof That Jesus Was Crucified Just Got Way Stronger

Archaeological find indicates that everything we thought we knew about crucifixion is wrong. Crucifixion is a notorious form of execution and quite possibly one of the most excruciating and sadistic methods ever practiced by humanity. Today it is most commonly associated with Jesus Christ who is described as being executed in this manner in the […]


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